ISBN 9788174090991,Production Technology

Production Technology


R.K. Jain


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174090991

ISBN-10 8174090991

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Edition 18th
Number of Pages 1115 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

The purpose of this book is to provide the comprehensive knowledge and insight into various aspects of engineering materials, their heat and fabrication, manufacturing processes, machining and tooling techniques, non-conventional methods of machining, the cutting tools, tooling equipment and machine tools, dies, jigs and fixtures, presses etc. As computers are finding more and more usage in factories, special attention has been given for their full coverage. Modern practices and recent trends on automation have been covered in each chapter. There is rapid development taking place in the field of manufacturing processes, the exotic and complicated machinery and new products are appearing in the market. In order to keep abreast with the modern technological advances being made in the world, the engineering students community has to face a gigantic task of mastering the fundamentals and also gain insight into the new innovations. The intention of writing this book is to achieve the above objective and make the students feel at home in accepting the challenges posed on them. A good number of important problems collected from several universities have been solved and given at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents
Engineering Materials Heat Treatment Casting Plastics Hot Working Processes Cold Working of Metals Powder Metallurgy Surface Finishing, Coating and Modification Techniques Welding, Soldering and Brazing Unconventional Methods of Machining Fundamentals of Machine Tools Lathe Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Machine Tools Shaper & Slotter Planer Milling Machines Broaching and Sawing Drilling and Boring Machines Jig Boring Grinding Industrial Safety Theory of Metal Cutting Cutting Tool Materials Machinability Dynamometry Cutting Fluids Cemented Carbide Tools Jigs and Fixtures Power Press Threads & Thread Cutting Gear Manufacturing Turret & Capstan Lathes Hydraulic & Electrical Transmission of Machines Automatic Machines Automating Assembly Numerical Control of Machine Tools CNC Machine Tools, Machining Centres and Special Tools Robots & Robotics Flexible Manufacturing Systems CAD/CAM Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS) Agile Manufacturing Manufacture of Modern Electronic Components Emerging Trends in Production Technology