ISBN 9780070660021,Professional Communication

Professional Communication



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070660021

ISBN-10 0070660026


Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)

CV & interview skills

The book has been organized to help the learner in acquiring communication skills. Keeping this objective in view, apart from facilitating knowledge acquisition the author has carefully crafted application modules in the text. Key Features Focus on Written and Oral Communication. Also covers listening and reading skills. Covers Business Correspondence and Report Writing Contemporary topics-e-mails and use of multimedia tools A separate chapter on abbreviating Technical and Non-technical Terms Review of concepts (chapter summary) at the end of chapters Lot of exercises and solved problems Use of boxed exhibits and tables to illustrate concepts with examples Useful end-of-book material on common errors, readability formula, pronunciation guidelines and so on. Table of content :- Unit I Communication: Its Interpretation Chapter 1 Basics Of Communication Chapter 2 Non-Verbal Communication Chapter 3 Barriers To Communication Unit II Business Communication At Workplace Chapter 4 Letter Components And Layout Chapter 5 Planning A Letter Chapter 6 Process Of Letter Writing Chapter 7 E-Mail Communication Chapter 8 Memo And Memo Reports Chapter 9 Employment Communication Chapter 10 Notice, Agenda And Minutes Of Meeting Chapter 11 Brochures Unit III Report Writing Chapter 12 Effective Writing Chapter 13 Business Reports: Its Types Chapter 14 Structure Of Reports Chapter 15 Gathering Information Chapter 16 Organization Of The Material Chapter 17 Writing Abstracts And Summaries Chapter 18 Writing Definitions Chapter 19 Visual Aids Chapter 20 User Instruction Manual Unit IV Required Skills Chapter 21 Reading Skill Chapter 22 Listening Skill Chapter 23 Note-Making Chapter 24 Precis Writing Chapter 25 Audiovisual Aids Chapter 26 Oral Communication Unit V Mechanics of Writing Chapter 27 Transitions Chapter 28 Spelling Rules Chapter 29 Hyphenation Chapter 30 Transcribing Numbers Chapter 31 Abbreviating Technical And Non-Technical Terms Chapter 32 Proofreading