ISBN 9788126548781,Professional Java For Web Applications

Professional Java For Web Applications



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788126548781

ISBN-10 8126548789


Number of Pages 936 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Professional Java for Web Applications is a comprehensive title that developers can read cover-to-cover when building a complex java application in an enterprise environment or pick apart into sections when more knowledge about a particular topic is desired. Starting with an introduction to the java enterprise edition and the basic web application, readers set up a development application server environment, learn about the tools needed during the development process and explore numerous java technologies and practises, including Application logging JSR - 303 bean validation JSR - 317 Java persistence API (With hibernate) Spring framework Spring security Custom JSP tag libraries Web socket persistent, fully duplex web connections (New to Java EE7) Each unit explores a new facet of enterprise application development that builds on the previous unit and enables the reader to jump to a particular point of interest or return to a unit in the future. Readers will not only learn about the industry-standard tools and technologies used in enterprise development, but also enjoy an end-to-end guide to build an enterprise java application from the ground up and will explore both specific technologies and the programming concepts that they are built upon. The book is ideal for software developers familiar with java who have been asked to build enterprise java applications or would like to expand capabilities in java to cover enterprise Java applications and web applications. Readers need knowledge in Java Standard Edition, the Web and basic knowledge in HTML, XML, Javascript, Structured Query Language (SQL) and relational databases. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Part I: Creating Enterprise Applications Chapter 1: Introducing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Chapter 2: Using Web Containers Chapter 3: Writing Your First Servlet Chapter 4: Using JSPs to Display Content Chapter 5: Maintaining State Using Sessions Chapter 6: Using the Expression Language in JSPs Chapter 7: Using the Java Standard Tag Library Chapter 8: Writing Custom Tag and Function Libraries Chapter 9: Improving Your Application Using Filters Chapter 10: Making Your Application Interactive with Web Sockets Chapter 11: Using Logging to Monitor Your Application Part II: Adding Spring Framework Into the Mix Chapter 12: Introducing Spring Framework Chapter 13: Replacing Your Servlets with Controllers Chapter 14: Using Services and Repositories to Support Your Controllers Chapter 15: Internationalising Your Application with Spring Framework i18n Chapter 16: Using JSR 349, Spring Framework and Hibernate Validator for Bean Validation Chapter 17: Creating Restful and SOA P Web Services Chapter 18: Using Messaging and Clustering for Flexibility and Reliability Part III: Persisting Data with JPA and Hibernate ORM Chapter 19: Introducing Java Persistence API and Hibernate ORM Chapter 20: Mapping Entities to Tables with JPA Annotations Chapter 21: Using JPA in Spring Framework Repositories Chapter 22: Eliminating Boilerplate Repositories with Spring Data JPA Chapter 23: Searching for Data with JPA and Hibernate Search Chapter 24: Creating Advanced Mappings and Custom Data Types Part IV: Securing Your Application with Spring Security Chapter 25: Introducing Spring Security Chapter 26: Authenticating Users with Spring Security Chapter 27: Using Authorisation Tags and Annotations Chapter 28: Securing Restful Web Services with OAuth