ISBN 9780074600559,Programming In Basic

Programming In Basic



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1991

ISBN 9780074600559

ISBN-10 0074600559


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 317 Pages
Language (English)

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Without assuming any background knowldge of computers or programming, this book provides an exhaustive understanding of BASIC and its applications. Flowcharting has been extensively used to demonstrate the solution procedure. Understanding of the language has been made easier with the help of more than 200 real-life examples, numerous review questions and graded exercises. Several case studies have been included to illustrate the methods of problem solving and setting up mathematical models. A separate chapter on Program Design,Efficiency and Testing would be of immense benefit to programmers in designing efficient programs. Salient Features Features of ANSI BASIC incorporated IBM PC BASIC discussed in detail With many examples File Management exhaustively discussed A new chapter on Computer Graphics Structured programming introduced Program debugging and documentation explained A model test paper for the NSTPC test conducted by CSI presented TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Understanding the Computer Chapter 2 Problem solving and Flowcharts Chapter 3 BASICS of BASIC Chapter 4 Constants and Variables Chapter 5 Expressions in BASIC Chapter 6 Printer Controls Chapter 7 Jumping, Branching and Looping Chapter 8 Subscripted Variables Chapter 9 Functions and Subroutines Chapter 10 Histograms and Graphs Chapter 11 Matrix Algebra Chapter 12 String Manipulation Chapter 13 Program Design, Efficiency and Testing Chapter 14 Case Studies Chapter 15 Features of IBM PC BASIC Chapter 16 File Management in BASIC Chapter 17 Computer Graphics Appendices Glossary Bibliography Index