ISBN 9781893115996,Programming VB.NET: A Guide for Experienced Programmers

Programming VB.NET: A Guide for Experienced Programmers






Publication Year 1994

ISBN 9781893115996

ISBN-10 1893115992


Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

In "Programming VB .NET: A Guide for Experienced Programmers," authors Gary Cornell and Jonathan Morrison carefully explain the exciting features of Visual Basic .NET. Since VB .NET is, for all practical purposes, a whole new language even for the most experienced Visual Basic programmers, developers need to think differently about many familiar topics. Cornell and Morrison are there to help you with careful discussions of each topic.

Cornell and Morrison write from the point of view of the experienced programmer, with constant references to the changes from earlier versions of VB. Developers learn how to use VB .NET for database programming through ADO.NET and web programming through ASP.NET. After reading "Programming VB .NET: A Guide for Experienced Programmers," developers will have a firm grasp of the exciting VB .NET language and its uses in creating powerful .NET applications. What you'll learn Who this book is for

All experienced programmers wishing to take advantage of the amazing powers of VB .NET will benefit from this book's careful treatment of fundamental topics, including inheritance, interfaces, and exception handling, as well as all the powerful newer features, such as stream-based I/O and true multithreading. "