ISBN 9788181281999,Prokaryotic Genomics : Methods And Tools In Biosciences And Medicine

Prokaryotic Genomics : Methods And Tools In Biosciences And Medicine


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Springer India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788181281999

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DESCRIPTION Prokaryotic Genomics provides molecular microbiologists in particular and researchers working with bacteria in general with the most important established recipes needed for their work. The volume covers both revisited classical methods and new tools for global analysis such as genomics or proteomics. It is written for those in need of a bench manual to complete their experiments and for those wanting to understand the modern tools used in microbiology. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Physical Analysis of Chromosome size variation 2. Genetic Mapping in Salmonelia enterica 3. Insertion Sequences as genomic Markers 4. The use of noncoding microsatellite Length analysis for Bacterial Strain Typing. 5. How to Amplify Easily, on the Bacterial Chromosome 6. Generalized Transduction 7. Use of Conditional replication, Integration and modular CRIM Plasmids to make single copy lacZ Fusion 8. Genetic Footprinting for bacterial functional genomics 9. Gene Transfer to plants through bacterial vectors 10. Quorum Sensing : Approaches to Identify signals and signalling Genes in Gram negative bactria 11. Transcriptional Profilling in Bacteria Using microarrays 12. Transcriptome Analysis by Macroarrays 13. Prokaryotic Proteomics 14.Intein-mediated protein purification 15. Two-hybrid assay in Esherichia coli K 12