ISBN 9788176567503,Protect your Info. With Intrusion Detection

Protect your Info. With Intrusion Detection


Alex Lukatsky


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788176567503

ISBN-10 8176567507


Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This comprehensive reference provides a detailed overview of intrusion detection systems (IDS) offering the latest technology in information protection. Introducing network administrators to the problem of intrusion detection, it includes the principles of system technology and an in-depth classification in IDS. Topics covered include information gathering and exploitation, searching for vulnerabilities, distributed attack tools, remote and local penetrations, and password crackers, sniffers, and firewalls. Examples of actual information system break-ins provide practical reference. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Chapter 1.           Introduction to Intrusion Detection Chapter 2.           Anatomy Of An Attack Chapter 3.           Introduction to Instrusion Detection Chapter 4.           The Three Basic Principles of Intrusion Detection Chapter 5.           Detecting Attack Traces Chaptre 6.           Classification of Intrusion Detection Systems Chapter 7.           Anticipating Attacks, Or Creating An Intrusion Detection Infrastructure Chapter 8.           The Life Cycle, Deployment,And Implementation Of An IDS Chapter 9.           Selecting An Intrusion Detection System Chapter 10.         Placement Of The Intrusion Detection System Chapter 11.         Using Intrusion Detection Systems Chapter 12.         Common IDS Problems Chapter 13.         Standardization in the Field Of Instruction Detection Chapter 14.         Incident Response