ISBN 9780070635302,Psychology Essential

Psychology Essential



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070635302

ISBN-10 0070635307


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 628 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

Since I started teaching introductory Psycohology in 1967, my motivation and love for introducing sstudents to this relevant sciencehave not wavered. This commitment to relevance and to science has been not only a foundation of my teaching but also the heart of this book. this second edition of psycology; Essentials still uses the theme of psycology as arelevant science and, in line with current trends in the withcurrent trends in the discipline, has increased the emphasis on the biological aspects of psycologhy and on the positive changes psycology canhelp us achieve in our lives. these themes, together with a stronger focus on the Key ideas in psycology, are the main features of the update of psycology: Essentials. In addition to increased emphsis on neuroscience, evolutionary psycology, and positive psychology, the second edition of this book contains increased coverage of human diversity and controversies in psychology. this material is presented where appropriate throught the book. Salient Features Learning goals are presented as objectives for students for each chapter. They first appear at the beginning of each chapter in tandem with a chapter outline/map of key headings, to help focus students' attention on key ideas; they are revisited in the "Review and Reflect" summary that concludes each section of a chapter; and they are summarized in the "Reach Your Learning Goals" end-of-chapter visual. All the supplements reflect the text's learning goals system. The text's emphasis on positive psychology teaches students that psychology can enable individuals and groups to take better control of their own lives and live them in a more fulfilling way. Each chapter opens with a vignette profiling an individual who illustrates the positive things psychology can accomplish. Within each chapter, theory is linked with specific applications that demonstrate psychology's contributions in positive settings. The text's balance between research and applications is reflected in "Critical Controversy" sidebars that highlight important contemporary debates and prompt students to think critically about both sides of the issue, as well as "Psychology and Life" sidebars that present applications of psychology to the real world. Both content and teaching consultants carefully reviewed each chapter, to provide the most accurate, student-friendly, teachable, and up-to-date text.