ISBN 9789332537934,Psychology for Living

Psychology for Living




Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789332537934

ISBN-10 9332537933


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 452 Pages
Language (English)

Educational psychology

The eleventh edition of Psychology for Living: Adjustment, Growth and Behavior Today is designed for students interested in applying psychological insights and principles to their own lives. The book helps readers achieve a better understanding of themselves and of others.

The scope of Psychology for Living draws material from the major perspectives of psychology, including the psychodynamic, ecological, cognitive-behavioral and humanistic viewpoints. The goal of the text is based firmly on increasing readers understanding as well as their knowledge about adjustment, in order that they may continue learning and growing on their own.
Tableof contents :-
Chapter 1: Self-Direction in a Changing World
Chapter 2: The Puzzle of Childhood
Chapter 3: Affirmative Aging -- Adulthood
Chapter 4: Seeking Selfhood
Chapter 5: Toward Better Health
Chapter 6: Taking Charge
Chapter 7: Managing Motives and Emotions
Chapter 8: Making and Keeping Friends
Chapter 9: Leader or Follower?
Chapter 10: At Work and Play
Chapter 11: Sexuality
Chapter 12: Love and Commitment
Chapter 13: Stress
Chapter 14: Understanding Mental Disorders
Chapter 15: If You Go for Help
Chapter 16: Good Grief and Deathrief Con