ISBN 9780534357665,Psychology: The Adaptive Mind

Psychology: The Adaptive Mind



Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780534357665

ISBN-10 0534357660


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 768 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

James Nairne's highly respected and accessible new edition offers all the content, pedagogy, and visual appeal that professors and students have come to expect from a successful introductory psychology text-and more. Nairne's Second Edition offers a cohesive look at how psychology works in our everyday lives. This practical, motivating text presents all the topics you cover in your introductory course, but connects them in a way that adds meaning and consistency to your students' study of the discipline. And how does is do this? By introducing students to the adaptive mind-a theme based on the realization that our thoughts and actions stem from out need to adapt to our surroundings. This unique framework stresses practical applications and helps students understand how we use psychology to deal with everyday challenges.
Nairne builds all topics around an adaptive, problem-solving framework. He emphasizes the way that particular behaviors, though processes, and emotions help people solve problems-from memorizing a telephone number, to ducking under cover as a building begins to shake, to producing a quick physical response in the face of traffic hazards. This organizational framework also promotes a common theme of understanding across the chapters. This innovative approach may differ from the presentation you have come to expect from others texts. But beneath the innovation, you'll find ample coverage of all the traditional topics around which you build your course.