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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259003349

ISBN-10 1259003345


Number of Pages 416 Pages
Language (English)

Biology, life sciences

Pteridophyta is designed to fulfill the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Botany. The current trends in the subject are explained in a simple, lucid and Understandable writing style. This book, containing a wide variety of topics discussed extensively along with a large number of review questions in every chapter, would surely be helpful to students desirous of enhancing their knowledge in botany. About the Author O.P. Sharma Reader (Retired), Dept. of Botany, Meerut College, Meerut Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Development of Pteridology in India 3. Threatened Pteridophytes of India: Handle Them With Care 4. Economic Importance of Pteridophytes 5. Classification of Pteridophytes 6. Psilophytopsida 7. Psilotopsida 8. Lycopsida: Protolepidodendrales 9. Lycopsida: Lycopodiales 10. Lycopsida: Lepidodendrales 11. Lycopsida: Isoetales 12. Lycopsida: Selaginellales 13. Sphenopsida(= Equisetopsida) 14. Pteropsida 15. Primofilices: Cladoxylales and Coenopteridales 16. Eusporangiatae: Marattiales 17. Eusporangiatae: Ophioglossales 18. Osmundidae: Osmundales 19. Leptosporangiatae: Filicales (Gleicheniaceae, Schizaeaceae and Hymenophyllaceae) 20. Filicales (Cyatheaceae, Matoniaceae, Aspleniaceae and Aspidiaceae) 21. Filicales(Dennstaedtiaceae) 22. Filicales: Adiantaceae, Dryopteridaceae and Polypodiaceae 23. Leptosporangiatae: Marsileales 24. Leptosporangiatae: Salviniales 25. Gametophyte in Pteridophytes 26. Apospory, Apogamy and Parthenogenesis 27. Origin and Evolution of Pteridophytes 28. Telome Theory and Enation Theory 29. Cytogenetics: Polyploidy, Chromosome Number and Organelle Genome 7 30. Stelar System 31. Heterospory and Seed Habit 32. Morphogenesis: Spore, Prothallus, Sexuality and Sporophyte 33. Nuclear DNA Amounts in Pteridophytes