ISBN 9789380308067,Public Health Nutrition in Developing Countries

Public Health Nutrition in Developing Countries



Woodhead Publishing

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380308067

ISBN-10 938030806X

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Ergonomics in the Garment Industry discusses the importance of ergonomics in the garment industry, with a detailed scientific analysis and examples from the garment industry. Application of ergonomics through the standardization of micro and macro environment in the garment industry provides an example of how to design the present and future processes; increases the efficiency and productivity of production; improves health, safety and comfort of people in the working environment. Knowledge of ergonomic conditions prevents employee discomfort, fatigue and physical injury. Injury related to poor ergonomic conditions can be prevented by designing the physical work environment around the physical needs of individual employees. Therefore, it is necessary to know physiological, psycho-sociological and anthropometric ergonomic conditions. It is important to analyze each workplace in the production of garments and find the way how to reduce the health problems of workers to a minimum with maximum increase of productivity. Chapters analyze divisions of ergonomics; conditions of work; ergonomic principles in designing workplace, working processes and environment, determining working time and handling material; ergonomics in the storage of textile materials; ergonomics workplaces in garment manufacture preparation, cutting room, sewing room and finishing room, and garment warehouse and stores. Dr Gordana Colovic is a Professor at the College of Textile - Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade, Serbia. She has authored five books and got her papers published in about 80 national and international journals