ISBN 9788193659403,Publishers on Publishing : Inside India's Book Business

Publishers on Publishing : Inside India's Book Business



All About Publishing

Publication Year 2018

ISBN 9788193659403

ISBN-10 8193659406


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)


Books on India's publishing industry are few and far between. Ironic for an industry considered both vibrant and with growth potential, in a country that sees its future as a knowledge economy. Publishers on Publishing is a one-of-a-kind endeavour to bridge this gap. In this book, a multitude of insiders - all from within India's enduring publishing establishments, emerging niches and the surrounding eco system - share views, trends and stories on Indian publishing. It covers, in interviews and short essays, key themes and issues facing India's vibrant book business across various genres and languages: from children's publishing to academic books; novels to encyclopaedias and illustrated books; key Indian languages as well as literatures in translation. Local & regional publishers, independents, MNCs and family-run concerns all sit within its covers, alongside burgeoning self-publishing and app-based publishing innovators. In the process there is some navel gazing as well as blue sky thinking by over 65 contributors. We capture a multiplicity of views and allow both the overlaps and contradictions to stay, based as they are on the experiences of people who are insiders in this industry, by either profession or birth or both. The book is lucid and informative, with emphasis on individual and organizational journeys and views and does not aim to be comprehensive. Publishers on Publishing offers, for the first time, a frame for India's publishing business that can be used to listen and be heard in an increasingly volatile and changing external environment. Authors, editors and publishers will find in it much to know, debate and share. It is to be read by all those who read, write and publish.