Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071072939

ISBN-10 0071072934


Number of Pages 564 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

This book on Computer Programming and Utilization is meant for the first year engineering students of Gujarat Technological University (GTU). The book ensures that the reader will go from knowing nothing about programming to having a strong grasp of C, C++ and Object-Oriented Programming with the support of numerous programs and exercises for practice. The book will prove to be an excellent self-study guide for the students. Salient Features Complete coverage of topics as per the new syllabus of JNTU-Hyderabad & Anantapur Covers Analysis and Design of all Pulse and Digital Circuits in an easy-tounderstand manne TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Computer and Programming 2. Fundamentals of C 3. Data Types in C 4. Operators and their Hierarchy 5. Input?Output Functions 6. Control Structures: Decision Making and Branching 7. Control Structures: Decision Making and Looping 8. Arrays 9. Strings 10. User?Defined Functions and Recursion 11. Pointers 12. Structures and Unions 13. Principles of Object-Oriented Programming 14. Beginning with C++ 15. Tokens, Expressions and Control Structures 16. Functions in C++ 17. Classes and Objects 18. Constructors and Destructors GTU Solved Question Paper?June 2010