ISBN 9788126917655,Pursuit of Human Excellence

Pursuit of Human Excellence

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ISBN 9788126917655
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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788126917655

ISBN-10 8126917652


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


The Idea of Human Excellence: A Holistic View

Different Views on Human Excellence,

Human and Social Well-Being,

A Holistic View of Human Excellence

Personal Excellence: The Good Life and the Good Person

Different Areas of Life,

The Good Life: A Holistic View,

The Good Person

Intellectual Competence

Acquisition of Knowledge,

Creation of Knowledge,

Application of Knowledge

Analytical Ability,

Synthetic Ability,

Judgemental and Evaluative Ability


Power of Observation,

Intellectual Honesty,

Open Mindedness,


Emotional Competence

Emotional Intelligence,

Emotional Competence,



Love as an Emotion,

Love as a Human Value


Morality and Moral Competence

Moral Sensitivity,

Moral Virtues


Concern for Others,



Moral Principles

Principle of Beneficence,

Principle of Justice,

The Golden Rule of Morality

Moral Responsibility,

Moral Decision-Making,

Some Moral Needs of the Modern Life

Social Morality and Social Responsibility,

Ethics and Human Values in Work Life and Professional Life,

Institutional Morality,

Need for Global Morality

Spirituality, Spiritual Values and Spiritual Competence

Traditional Spirituality,

Humanistic Spirituality,

A Humanistic Critique of Modernity,

Spirituo-Human Values for the Modern Age

Human Freedom,




Spiritual Competence

The Making of an Excellent Person

Some Inspiring Examples of Excellent Persons,

Self-management for Self-development


Setting Life Goals,


Mind Management,

Managing Our External Social Identities

Cultivation of Right Attitudes and Work Habits

Taking Initiative for Change,

Organised Way of Doing Things,

Leadership Qualities

Developing a Holistic World View for Human Excellence

The Good Society

The General Contours of a Good Society,

Ideas on Good Society in the Indian Cultural Tradition: The Paradigm of Dharma, Nyaya and Niti

The Dharmic Society,

Dharma in Personal Life,

Indian Social Organisation: The Varnashrama Dharma,

Dharmic Regulation of Political and Economic Life,

Concluding Comments

The Modern Age and Its Ideas on Good Society: The Paradigm of Human Freedom, Scientific Temper, Social Justice and Techno-economic Progress

Search for a Better Political Order: The English, American and French Revolutions, 8.3.2 Pursuit of Economic Prosperity,

The Welfare State,

Nation-State, War and Peace, Search for a Better World Order

A Humanistic Critique of Modern Ideas on Good Society

Modern Science, Technology and Pursuit of Material Prosperity,

Modern Social Systems: Promotion of Social Justice,

Paradigmatic Limitations of Modern Social Theory

Creating a Better Society

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