ISBN 9781848192539,Qigong For Wellbeing In Dementia And Aging

Qigong For Wellbeing In Dementia And Aging


Stephen Rath


Singing Dragon



Singing Dragon

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781848192539

ISBN-10 1848192533


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)

Clinical psychology

Qigong Is The Centuries-Old Practice Of Moving Vital Energy (Qi) Through The Channels Of The Body, Known As Meridians, To Promote Vitality And Health. Stephen Rath Details Current Research And Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory To Show How Qigong Practice Can Support Cognitive Functioning, As Well As Emotional And Physical Wellbeing, In People With Dementia. Qigong For Wellbeing In Dementia And Aging Presents A Set Of Accessible Qigong Exercises And Breathing Techniques Adapted Specifically For Older People Who May Be Frail Or Have Limited Mobility, Which Address Specific Symptoms Associated With Dementia. These Include Exercises For The Hands And Feet, Exercises For Releasing Emotions Through The Five Animal Sounds, Seated Exercises, And Facial Exercises. The Exercises, Contributed By The Natural Healing Research Foundation From Their Senior Exercise Class In Hawaii, Are Presented With Clear Explanatory Illustrations, And An Accompanying Online Video Of Seniors Practicing Qigong Supports Both Individual And Group Instruction. The Final Part Of The Book Describes The Chinese Understanding Of Nutrition As An Essential Underpinning Of Good Health Into Old Age, And Provides Health-Giving Food And Drink Recipes For People With Dementia Based On These Principles. There Is Also A Helpful Chapter On Practicing Qigong To Protect Against Caregiver Burnout. This Will Be An Invaluable Book For Care Professionals, Nurses, Activity Coordinators, And Physical Therapists, As Well As People With Dementia And Their Families.