ISBN 9781107619197,Quantum Computation And Quantum Information

Quantum Computation And Quantum Information



Cambridge University Press


ISBN 9781107619197

ISBN-10 110761919X


Number of Pages 706 Pages
Language (English)

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Quantum Computation And Quantum Information Is A Comprehensive Book On Physics. The Book Comprises Of Chapters Which Explain The Concepts Of Fast Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Error-Correction And Quantum Information. In Addition, The Book Has Several Figures, Diagrams And Exercises For Better Understanding Of The Quantum Physics Concepts. This Book Is Essential For Undergraduate And Graduate Students And Researchers In Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, And Computer Science.

About The Authors

Michael Nielsen Is An Academic Author. He Was Honored With The Title Of The Youngest Academic Of Australia And Secured A Federation Fellowship At The University Of Queensland. He Has Also Authored Reinventing Discovery: The New Era Of Networked Science.

Isaac L. Chuang Completed His Undergraduate Degree In Physics And Electrical Engineering. Post His Undergraduation He Got His Master'S Degree From Mit And Phd In Electrical Engineering From Stanford University. He Currently Heads The Quanta Research Group At The Center For Ultracold Atoms At Mit. He Is One Of The Pioneers Of Nmr Quantum Computing.