ISBN 9780143422877,Quantum Siege

Quantum Siege



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780143422877

ISBN-10 0143422871


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (Malayalam)

Suspense and Thriller

The scandalous terror group Lashkar has openly threatened the Indian Prime Minister with never before consequences if referendum is not declared in Kashmir instantly. In the meanwhile, the UN Security Council has called for an emergency meeting within two days, to confer on the looming catastrophe. Rudra Pratap Singh and his squad at the Anti - Terror cell are assigned their tautest task yet. Thousands of innocent civilian lives are at stake while India prepares itself for the impending war. It's a deadly race against time. Will India be able to nullify the situation by tracing the culprits and prevent war? Set in the heart of a buzzing city, this thriller will devour you in its tangled web of hurtling images. About Brijesh Singh Brijesh Singh is an esteemed officer of the special Indian Police Service and is currently serving with the Mumbai Police. He is passionate about philosophy, photography, and classical music. He has educated himself in diverse fields such as Engineering, Psychology, Computer Forensics, Public Administration, Business Management, Foreign Trade, and Law. He has also showed his commitment to the Open Source software movement by supporting Linux. He also programmes applications for different mobile platforms and holds numerous patents!

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