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Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788171565849

ISBN-10 8171565840


Number of Pages 76 Pages
Language (English)

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This book is a quest. Questions that have no answers. The book rules out the possibility of a lasting solution. Questioning one returns to the Source, the unknowable!
Man seems to have lost sensitivity, that child like curiosity to look, listen and question. He should not only be content with obser¬vation -- the Earth moving round the sun, revolving on its own axis, causing days and nights and seasons, birth, growth, deterio¬ration, and death -- but question ; What is this orbital movement? What is the Wheel of life? What is the mystery of death, dying to every experience, everything treasured? What is Truth?
Can self improve? Can mind come to Truth? The purpose of the book is to make one look with his own eyes, listen with his own ears and think with his own brain and not through another, however great.

About Author:
Naryan, Hosbayya Nayak was born in Konalli, Kumta a small coastal town in Karnataka. He ventured into the spiritual dimension at a very young age. He gave up everything including job and a foreign scholarship at a time when it was a temptation to go abroad and wandered as a recluse, he has described his strange encounter with Truth in his first book Wheel of Life.
He has married twice--one a Maharashtrian girl with whom he lived only a few days and it resulted in divorce. He has married a Tamilian and settled in Bangalore.
He has retired from service as Deputy Secretary in Karnataka Government Secretariat.