ISBN 9789350142257,Question Bank In Electronics & Communication Engineering

Question Bank In Electronics & Communication Engineering


B.R. Gupta


S K Kataria & Sons



S K Kataria & Sons

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350142257

ISBN-10 9350142252


Number of Pages 700 Pages
Language (English)


Key Features Simple and Lucid text. Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus Each chapter begins with o quick leak of topics to be covered m Chapter Outline. Within the tee, key terms ore highlighted. A bulleted list of important points is listed in the Chapter Summary. At the end of each chapter, o set of short answer questions is given for a quick review of chapter concepts. Moving from the unknown in a logical manner Progressing from the simple to the more complex. Numerous examples and illustrations are given that help make it easy to s learn some "the more complicated concepts. Includes specially designed taxes texi sections that increase student understanding by providing more depth. About the Book: Electronic Devices & Circuits: 2nd Edition Contents Unit-I: Semiconductor Decices Transistor as an Amplifier Unit-II: Feedback Sinusoidal Oscillators Power Amplifiers Unit-III:Waveshaping Circuits: Multivibrators, Clippers andClampers Differential Amplifiers Multistage Amplifiers Unit-IV: Operational Amplifiers Characteristics Basic Applications of Op-amps Unit-V: Voltage Regulations Model Question Papers Index