ISBN 9789382025689,Questions & Answers: The Story of My Life Terms 1 & 2

Questions & Answers: The Story of My Life Terms 1 & 2


Helen Keller


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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789382025689

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Biography & autobiography

About the Author
Helen Keller was prolific author, political activist and lecturer from America. Although rendered deaf and blind at the age of 2 by a mysterious disease that could either be meningitis or scarlet fever, Keller with her fighting spirit and help from her governor, Anne Sullivan, went on to become the first deafblind person to earn a BA degree from the Radcliffe College. The author has published 12 books in total and has written many articles. Some of her widely-read titles include The Frost King, The World I Live In, Out Of the Dark and Light In My Darkness. Born to well-educated parents, Keller was given a fresh lease of life with Anne Sullivan who taught her to communicate despite losing her faculties of seeing and hearing. Overcoming her disabilities, Keller went on to become a social worker who campaigned for women's suffrage and labour rights. She was also a famous speaker and a well-travelled person.