ISBN 9781408803028,Quidditch Through the Ages : Comic Relie

Quidditch Through the Ages : Comic Relie


J. K. Rowling






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781408803028

ISBN-10 140880302X


Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)


Do you get an adrenaline boost if you've managed to dodge yet another Bludger? Do you feel like screaming in agony when your favourite team drops the Quaffle? Do you fantasize about eliminating the competition in one quick swoop with the Wronski Feint? Dive head-first into the magical world of Quidditch and learn all you could ever need to know about it. Are you still calling the last referee who penalized your favourite Chaser blind as the Gringotts dragon? Then you'll need to know that there are over 700 ways one can commit a foul in professional Quidditch. Did you lose House points for not knowing that the first form of Quidditch was played on Queerditch Marsh? Are you wondering why anyone in their right mind, and not full of Firewhisky, would be crazy enough to make Bludgers and Beaters a part of the game? Or do you just want to read about the Puddlemere United team and its vast history? Then go no further, Quidditch fans, your answers are all here. Discover all you need to know about Quidditch with all of its rules, trivia and history with this definitive guide on every Wizard and Witch's favourite sport.