Penguin Books India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780670084807

ISBN-10 0670084808

Hard Back

Number of Pages 267 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

Rahul, published in 2012, is a biography that presents to readers the life of Rahul Gandhi. The book begins with the question that is bound to cross everyone's mind. Isn't it too early to write a biography of Rahul Gandhi? The authors take readers into the history of the Nehru/Gandhi family, and show how dynasty rule has being the norm. Rahul goes back into the times of Motilal Nehru, who was succeeded by his son Jawaharlal Lal as the Congress President. The biography also elaborates on how Indira Gandhi, the daughter of Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, became India's Prime Minister. Though Rahul's grandmother was one of the world's most powerful political leaders, his parents, Rajiv and Sonia, chose a life sheltered from the public glare. Eventually, Rajiv, the man who wanted to have nothing to do with politics, became the seventh Prime Minister of India. Rahul gradually moves onto the life of Rahul Gandhi. The authors take a look at his public moves since he became active in Indian politics. Readers will have the opportunity to view a typical work day at 12 Tughlaq Lane, where Rahul conducts his official business. Furthermore, the authors also cover the trips that he has taken across India in order to reach people at the grassroots level. The biography reveals that to Rahul Gandhi the revitalising of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students' Union is his most important task. Rahul is also a great way to learn more about the life of this man when he is away from the media glare. The authors have not only focused on Gandhi's achievements, but have also critically analyzed his inability to resolve issues, his poor track record as a Member of Parliament, and his tactics of trying to evade answering tough questions. Some of the chapters in this biography are The Shaping of the Personality, The Dalit Agenda, and Youth Express. The authors have written a well balanced biography, with a lucid and interesting narrative. Rahul has been written after consultations with parliamentarians, political leaders, and close associates of Rahul. This book will certainly bring to light how Rahul Gandhi's actions will affect the lives of average Indians, sooner or later. About The Authors Jatin Gandhi is an Indian journalist, and the Deputy Political Editor of Open. The author has worked for both, print and electronic media, for more than fifteen years. He writes about politics, and has covered Rahul Gandhi since he became active in the political arena. Jatin has worked with Star News, Indian Express, and Hindustan Times. Veenu Sandhu is an Indian journalist, and the Features Editor of Business Standard, Delhi. She has been in the field of journalism for fifteen years, having worked with NDTV 24X7 and Indian Express.

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