ISBN 9789380349190,Rahul Saini

Rahul Saini


Rahul Saini


Srishti Publishers



Srishti Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380349190

ISBN-10 938034919X


Number of Pages 102 Pages
Language (English)


become the acclaimed writer she always held so close to her.

The book engages a casual tone throughout even though it sets up these characters and their lives with liberal sprinklings of romantic misadventures and financial troubles that keep testing their intentions and their aspirations. All through, the comfort of friendship is the recurring leitmotif that unites the characters and their plights with some form of hope.

A completely relatable novel, Just Like In The Movies is coming of age for the youth of India and tends to keep a 'slice of life' treatment making for a feel good atmosphere that keeps readers absorbed in the novel. Saini has restrained from the use of romance as a focal point and employed a creative narrative engaging all three characters' voices.

About Rahul Saini

A next generation writer, the author writes his books predominantly keeping in mind the youth of India.

He has written other books like, Those Small Lil Things: In Life and Love and The Orange Hangover.

His casual narrative and repertoire of vibrant characters has already helped augment his claim as a popular writer.

Rahul Saini was born in the year 1983 and brought up in the small town of Jalandhar. An architect by profession, he indulges in photography and holds an keen interest in filmmaking.