ISBN 9789350363225,Raindrops Workbook 4 (CCE Edition)

Raindrops Workbook 4 (CCE Edition)



Ratna Sagar P. Ltd.

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350363225

ISBN-10 9350363224


Language (English)
The workbooks complement the main coursebooks ie Raindrops English Reader with CCE, for Classes 1-8. The salient features of the workbooks are: - comprehension exercises, including multiple choice questions, based on unseen comprehension passages that are linked to the corresponding themes of the main coursebooks - vocabulary exercises related to topics dealth with in the main coursebooks, with an additional emphasis on word collocation and phrasal verbs to enhance language skills - spelling and punctuation practice, dictionary skills - grammar practics to build on topics taught in the main coursebook - writing practice with a strong emphasis on the logical organization of material within the given topics