ISBN 9788183244411,Rajesh Khanna: First Superstar of Bollywood

Rajesh Khanna: First Superstar of Bollywood



Mittal Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183244411

ISBN-10 8183244416


Language (English)

Biography: Film, Television & Music

In our modern society, the films are part and parcel. The super stars, stars and even actors and directors play an impacting role in our community, particularly, for young generation. Hence, it makes a difference, when some big player in our film industry comes on stage or ends the innings. Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Indian Cinema, entered Hindi films in the latter half of the 1960s and did around 180 films - 163 feature films and 17 short films. Of the 163 films, 106 were solo hero films and 22 were multi-star films. He achieved overnight super-stardom with 'Aradhana'. He became the craze of the nation, and critics started calling him the First Superstar of Indian Cinema and he remained at the top, at least for seven years. However, later, he had to share the status with Amitabh Bachchan, till he left films to join politics. This work is a research-based account of the uphill journey of 'just one of the other boys' in the neighbourhood to his rise to the top of the stardom in Indian Film Industry and in politics, to a certain extent. Here is a book, aimed at capturing the life and struggle of Rajesh Khanna, who emerged on Indian scenario, as a miracle, and ultimately reached the top position, any Indian youth can dream of. This book is an asset for those working seriously, on films, as a subject and of course for the lovers of the Indian films.