ISBN 9789350640395,Rajpal Dictionary of English-Hindi Synonyms

Rajpal Dictionary of English-Hindi Synonyms


Rajpal Prakashan



Rajpal Prakashan

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350640395

ISBN-10 9350640392

Hard Back

Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)

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This Rajpal Dictionary of English-Hindi Synonyms offers the twin benefits of a thesaurus and dictionary in a single volume

As in a thesaurus, the English words are grouped according to the similarity of meaning

Includes the most frequently used 4000 English words

Provides several English synonyms for each of these 4000 words

Gives detailed Hindi meanings for each of the synonyms

And, as in a dictionary, the words are alphabetically listed

These unique features of this Dictionary help the users

Enhance their knowledge of English through the medium of Hindi

Find the most appropriate word which best expresses the idea in a specific context

Improve their vocabulary of English and Hindi.

About the Author: Badrinath Kapur

Badrinath Kapur, one of Indias foremost linguist experts, the Rajpal Dictionary of English-Hindi Synonyms is the culmination of his lifetimes expertise in preparing and editing several bi-lingual dictionaries and other language related scholarly works.