ISBN 9789350364406,Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Term - 2 (Book - 5)

Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Term - 2 (Book - 5)


Uma Raman



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350364406

ISBN-10 9350364409


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)


Rays is a series of books for Classes LKG, UKG, 1 to 5. They are based on the integrated approach to learning and have been written by experienced teachers. The books have a variety of features such as: Projects and Activities with detailed guidelines. Life Skills. Value-based Questions. IT-based Questions. Interpretive Questions. Checklists for self-assessment. Pre-Reading Tasks. In-Text questions. TABLE OF CONTENTS English 1. Lesson The New Computer Poem Paper Boats 2. Lesson An Earth Day Carol Poem Keep A Poem In Your Pocket 3. Lesson The Song Of Songs Check Your Understanding Revision Worksheet Listening Text for the Teacher Grammar Worksheets Mathematics 1. Decimals 2. Percentage and average 3. Ratio, proportion and unitary method 4. Profit and loss 5. Preparing bills 6. Symmetry, patterns and nets Check your understanding Revision worksheet 1 Revision worksheet 2 Science 1. Our skeletal system 2. Our nervous system 3. Rocks and minerals 4. Soil erosion and conservation Check your understanding Revision worksheet Social Studies 1. The land of dense forests: The Democratic Republic of the Congo 2. The land of snow: Greenland 3. The land of sand: Saudi Arabia 4. The treeless grasslands: The Prairies 5. Conquering distances Check your understanding Revision worksheet MAP PRACTICE General Knowledge 1. Our feathered friends 2. Similes 3. A literature quiz 4. Proud to be an Indian 5. Famous structures 6. Secretaries-General of the UN 7. The Olympic world 8. What do we speak? 9. Musical instruments 10. Our environment 11. Stay healthy 12. Right acts 13. Revision worksheet