ISBN 9789350364253,Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Ukg Term - 2

Rays : Based On The Integrated Approach - Ukg Term - 2



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350364253

ISBN-10 9350364255


Number of Pages 88 Pages
Language (English)


RAYS is a series of books for Classes LKG, UKG, 1 to 5. They are based on the integrated approach to learning and have been written by experienced teachers. The books have a variety of features such as: Projects and Activities with detailed guidelinesLife SkillsValue-based QuestionsIT-based QuestionsInterpretive QuestionsChecklists for self-assessmentPre-Reading TasksIn Text questions TABLE OF CONTENTS English Rhyme Time Traffic Lights, Hey! Diddle, Diddle Talkabout Page on the Road Story Time Little Red Riding Hood Rhyme Time Ten Small Rabbits Talkabout Page We Are Friends Bat and Ball Check Your Understanding Opposites Check Your Understanding Story Time The Ant and The Bird Bees On A Tree Check Your Understanding Rohan Likes Check Your Understanding Help Me! Check Your Understanding Match The Words Rhyme Time Mrs Hen, After My Bath Activity Fun Time Let Us Revise Let Us Write A Words Rhyme Time Strong and Smart One and Many This, That These, Those Check Your Understanding Activity Fun Time Let Us Write E Words A, An Check Your Understanding Activity Match the Shapes Reading Text Stories Checklist Colour the Sun Mathematics Let Us Revise Sorting Matching and Grouping Same As Numbers 50 - 70 Comparison of Numbers Check Your Understanding Before, After and Between Check Your Understanding Equal to Greater Than, Smaller Than Check Your Understanding Shapes and Patterns Check Your Understanding Addition Addition Using '+' Addition With Zero Check Your Understanding Maths Lab Activity Checklist Colour the Sun Environmental Science Colours Activity Fun Time Rhyme Time I Love Colours Festivals Activity Who Am I? Big and Small Animals Check Your Understanding Activity Animals Activity Food for Animals Our Animal Friends Activity Fun Time Insects Flowers Activity Fun Time