ISBN 9780723294795,Read it Yourself with Ladybird (Level 1 - Box)

Read it Yourself with Ladybird (Level 1 - Box)


Penguin UK



Penguin UK

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780723294795

ISBN-10 0723294798

Box Set

Language (English)


Goldilocks and the Three Bears
When little Goldilocks is lost in the woods, she stumbles upon a sweet home that belong to a family of three. She enters uninvited, eats their food and takes rest on their bed. She is in for a fright when the three see her in their home.
Poor Cinderella is forced to stay indoors at all times because of her evil stepmother and two step sisters who make her toil all day long. Her fate is changed when she is able to attend the ball and dance with the handsome prince.
Little Red Hen
Learn the importance of doing your own work and reaping the benefits from it. This story is about a hen that asks for help to plant wheat seeds, but does not get it. Will she share the bread she makes out of the wheat?
The Magic Porridge Pot
A little girl receives a magical cooking pot from an aged woman who knows of her hunger and poverty. She takes that pot home and forgets to tell her mother the words that need to be said to stop the cooking pot.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Three male goats have no grass left to eat. To satiate their hunger, they must cross a river to reach the meadow on the other side. There is just one problem: under the bridge that they need to cross lives a troll who will eat anyone who crosses the bridge.
The Enormous Turnip
A grandfather has planted a turnip. To his surprise, this turnip grows to be so large that he needs several people to help him pull it up.
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