ISBN 9788129119056,Read Write Right: Common Errors In English

Read Write Right: Common Errors In English


Terry O Brien


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788129119056

ISBN-10 8129119056


Number of Pages 132 Pages
Language (English)


The average English speaker knows countless words-almost 25 times more than there are stars visible in the night sky. This book, Read Write Right uncovers the often surprising mistakes that one commits while speaking and writing. In over hundreds of entries, the book reveals the COMMON ERRORS that are not at all UNCOMMON in usage. The sentences are simple but the errors are glaring. The purpose of this book is to bring out and make explicit these errors that we seem to make when we speak and write. Written in clear and informative style, Read Write Right shows how today English has developed yet a staggering numbers of common errors that are intermingled in the usage. This is a book meant for one and all-students, professionals, journalists, writers, public speakers, publishers and one who walks the talk! About the Author Terry O'Brien is an academician by vocation and a passionate quiz enthusiast by avocation. His leit-motif is the igniting of quizzing instinct and an aptitude to develop the 3rs of learning - Read. Record. Recall. He is a Trainers Trainer and a motivational speaker. He has written several books. His flair for writing and speaking come naturally to him.