ISBN 9780875847948,Real Time : Preparing for the Age of the Never Satistied Customer

Real Time : Preparing for the Age of the Never Satistied Customer



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9780875847948

ISBN-10 0875847943


Number of Pages 204 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Right here. Right now. Tailored to me. Served up the way I like it. If the new consumers spelled their expectations out on a billboard, then this is what you would read. From the author of Relationship Marketing comes a pathbreaking book on doing business in a real time world -- one in which time and distance vanish, action and response are simultaneous, and customers demand instant gratification . . . or else.
Technology is continually transforming our existence in profound ways; and the pace of change is speeding up, not slowing down: we get cash in seconds at ATMs, we watch wars unfold instantaneously on live television. Almost all technology today compresses to zero the time needed to acquire and use information, to make decisions and initiate actions, to deploy resources and innovate.

What does all this mean to the creators and managers who want to lead their organizations to success in the real time world? A new way of thinking -- fast. Above all, says McKenna, management must be prepared for the eventuality of anything, anytime, anywhere, and in-your-face. To compete in a real time world, managers must create a sensing organization that constantly monitors, feeds, queries, verifies, adjusts, tries, and initiates.

The companies best equipped for the twenty-first century are seizing the opportunities that our real time reality presents. Their leaders understand that real time means exceptional responsiveness to customers and ongoing adjustments to deliver on those expectations. Innovative in page design and fresh with enlightening stories from McKenna's own experience as entrepreneur, insider, and consultant to the world92s most influential leaders, Real Time will move readers to think in new ways, spark their imaginations, and ignite a lively debate on how to dominate in real time.