ISBN 9788177585759,Real Time Systems

Real Time Systems



Pearson Education Singapore Pte Ltd

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788177585759

ISBN-10 8177585754


Language (English)
Written by a renowned expert, Real-Time System provides professionals and students with a comprehensive treatment of real-time computing and communication systems. The book covers the most recent advances in real-time operating systems and communications networks. Thus, this book serves as a vehicle for technology transition within the real-time system community of systems architects, designers chief scientists and technologists, and systems analysts. Jane Liu?s subject mater and adept treatment provides an engaging learning environment for students as well. With real-time systems, the technologies at play include telecommunication, signal processing, command and control, and digital control. Their applications have particular relevance to day-to-day operations, such as engine and break mechanisms in cars, traffic light operations, flight control and air-traffic control and heartbeat and blood pressure monitoring. This text describes not only how, but also why, through insightful illustrative examples.

Real-Time Systems is both a valuable reference for professionals and an advanced text for Computer Science and Computer Engineering students.



Real world real-time applications based on research and practice

State-of-the-art algorithms and methods for validation

Methods for end-to-end scheduling and resource management

More than 100 illustrations to enhance understanding

Comprehensive treatment of the technology known as RMA (rate-monotonic analysis) method

A supplemental Companion Website the chapters


About The Author
Jane W. S. Liu received her M.S. And Sc.D. in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, before joining the University of Illinois, where she currently teaches, Jane worked with industry. She serves on numerous program committees and on symposia and workshops on real-time systems. She is currently a member of ACM and a Fellow of IEEE. Dr. Liu?s current research is concerned with the means to provide an open environment to real-time applications.

Table Of Contents


Typical Real-Time Applications

Hard Versus Soft Real-Time Systems

A Reference Model of Real-Time Systems

Commonly Used Approaches to Real-Time Scheduling

Clock Driven Scheduling

Priority-Driven Scheduling of Periodic Tasks

Scheduling Aperiodic and Sporadic Jobs in Priority-Driven Systems

Resources and Resource Access Control

Multiprocessor Scheduling, Resources Access Control, and Synchronization

Scheduling Flexible Computations and Tasks with Temporal Distance Constraints

Real-Time Communication

Operating Systems

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