ISBN 9780070141100,Reinforced Concrete Design

Reinforced Concrete Design



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070141100

ISBN-10 007014110X


Edition 3rd
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This revised edition follows provisions of IS 456:2000 as well as related current codes and the advanced development that have taken place in the field of Reinforced Concrete Design. Written for students and engineers, this book lays great emphasis on conceptual clarity through state-of-the art coverage of all required topics. Salient Features Follows provision of IS 456:2000. Distinctive coverage of Earthquake resistant design, Structural Systems, Green buildings, Good detailing and Construction practice. Expanded coverage on Strut-and-Tie method, Yield line theory, Modified compression field theory. Incorporates the latest developments in the field. Rich pool of pedagogy includes: 98 Solved examples 288 Review problems 127 Chapter-end exercises Table of content :- 1. Reinforced Concrete Structures 2. Basic Material Properties 3. Basic Design Concepts 4. Behaviour inFlexure 5. Design of Beams and One-Way Slabs for Flexure 6. Design For Shear 7. Design For Torsion 8. Design For Bond 9. Analysis for Design Moments in Continuous Systems 10. Serviceability Limit States: Deflection and Cracking 11. Design of Two-Way Slab Systems 12. Design of Staircases 13. Design of Compression Members 14. Design of Footings and Retaining Walls 15. Good Detailing and Construction Practices 16. Special Provisions for Earthquake-Resistant Design 17. Selected Special Topic