ISBN 9788171563968,Reminiscence : A Book of Visions

Reminiscence : A Book of Visions




Atlantic Books



Atlantic Books

Publication Year 1994

ISBN 9788171563968

ISBN-10 8171563961


Number of Pages 86 Pages
Language (English)


A casual interest in God when one is in feverish hurry to earn money, presti¬gious places in social hierarchy and pursue pleasures can never lead one beyond the frontiers of mind. This book refers to a dimension which many of us are not aware. It is intense, extraordi¬nary and most enchanting. It appears to be the source from where existence procures sustenance, germinates and flourishes. The beginnings of transforma¬tion leading to it and from there to here, are concealed, steeped in great mystery. It has a distinct quality that appears to be awareness. Therefore on one's own volition, one cannot reach it. Scientific methodology cannot penetrate it.
This book deals with the quiet moments of the Author, when the mind which had once ceased in an encounter with Truth, gradually over a period of years parted with the impressions of that dimension in the form of visions. These perceptions have been recorded as truth¬fully as possible without traditional emblems.

About Author:
Shri Narayan H. Nayak was born in Konalli, Kumta, a small coastal town in Karnataka. He has ventured into the spiritual dimension at a very young age. His first book 'Wheel of Life' (1990) deals with explosive spiritual experi¬ences. His books 'Aswini' (1991) and 'Blossom in the Blaze' (1993) are concerned with the serious question of bringing about transformation in the human psyche.
He has retired from Karnataka Government as Deputy Secretary. He lives in Bangalore.