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Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781416599708

ISBN-10 1416599703


Number of Pages 524 Pages
Language (English)

Reference Work

Republic Was Plato'S Work In Greek That Brought Out His Views On A Just State And A Just Man. It Was Written As A Socratic Dialogue, The Genre Of Prose Works Compiled During The Fourth Century Bce. This Work Is Brought To The Readers In English As An Enriched Classic Edition By Simon & Schuster. It Includes A Brief Introduction That Provides Background Information On The Work. A Timeline Of Plato'S Life And Works, A Chronology Of Important Events Occurred In The Historical Context Of The Book, Summary Of Important Themes, Thorough Descriptive Notes, Critical Study Of The Modern Interpretations On The Book, And A List Of Recommended Books And Movies Are Included In This Edition.

About Plato

Plato Was Born In Athens, Dated 428/427 Or 424/423 Bc. He Is One Of The World'S Most Renowned Philosophers And Mathematicians. He Was A Student Of Socrates, Who, Along With Aristotle, Laid The Foundations Of Western Science And Philosophy. Plato Founded The Academy In Athens, Which Was The First Official Institution For Higher Learning On Those Subjects. Some Of His Most Notable Works Are The Apology Of Socrates, The Symposium, Euthyphro, Statesman, And The Trial And Death Of Socrates.