ISBN 9788131316054,Research Methodology

Research Methodology



Aph Publishing Corporation

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788131316054

ISBN-10 813131605X


Language (English)

Literature fiction

This book contains a detailed discussion on qualitative research. It begins with contemporary classification of research paradigms such as positivism, post-postivism, constructivism, transformative and pragmatism in Chapter 1. This chapter also gives the various theoretical lenses that could be used in conducting qualitative research such as critical theory, post-modernism, feminist theory and disability theory. This is followed by the approaches to educational research. Chapter 1 also provides details of the differencce between qualitative and qualitative research. In particular, Chapter 2 of this book provides details of research design and preparing a research proposal for qualitative research. Chapter 3 elaborates on sampling techniques and sample sixe in qualitative research, Chapter 4 presents descriptions of tools and techniques of data collection in qualitative research. In addition, it Chapter 5 to Chapter 15 offer different research methods of qualitative research such as grounded theory design, phinomenological research, ethnography, ethnomethodoloy, narrative research, case study, evaluation research including policy analysis and cost analysis, content analysis, concept analysis, historical research and mixed methods research. Besides, Chapter 16 of the book provides details of techniques of qualitative data analysis. The report of qualitative research differs from that of quantitative research. This is also dealt with in the Chapter 17 of this book

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