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Responsive Leadership Works



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788178312736

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Rapidly changing environment has changed the expectations from leaders. Growth has emerged as the main purpose of business, and being in business today, demands a continuous state of readiness. Organizations are finding it difficult to maintain a dynamic equilibrium among continuity, novelty and the transition process. Leaders are enchanted by the novelty for the future and wish to bring this in their vision, but too much focus on newness may bee seen by the people as 'ivory tower leadership' and they may not able to extend cognitive and emotional support. A very high focus on continuity of existing goals, policies, systems, structure and technology may create a sense of stagnation and a rule bound system with little scope of growth. Too much obsession with change and transition may create a feeling of being directionless. A healthy balance between the three is essential for aligning people to achieve organizational goals. In this book, it has been appreciated that all organizations have something in their past to value and the leaders should honour this while making change interventions. A variety of themes encompassing the requirements mentioned above have been selected and discussed in this book. An attempt has also been made to keep a formidable blend of theory and practice. The themes such as Corporate Governances, Mission, Values and Ethics, Leadership-retrospect and prospect. Three roles of Leaders and Human Capital deliberate on the conceptual as well as prevailing issues. Topics such as Conference Leadership, Proactive Discipline and Managing Stress discuss on specific issues many leaders may be experiencing and trying to improve upon. The chapter on Role of Information Technology in Human Capital presents a scenario on the application of IT and gives a glimpse of further possibilities. The themes covering Mentoring, Giving and Receiving Feedback give rationale and valuable insights for using these, much needed developmental intervention. HRD, in the emerging situation has to play an integrative and developing role-developing competence, culture and commitment, and it is necessary that the strategic planning and HRD has to move in unison. The chapter 'Aligning HR with Business' vividly describes various issues and approaches for effective implementation. The very deep and diverse experience of the authors has made this book a valuable handbook for leaders in all types of organizations. About The Author Dr. S. N. Pandey: Born on 19.10.1930, Dr. S.N.Pandey joined Tata Steel in 1956 after having a brief stint with the Planning Commission, Govt of India and rose to the position of Executive Director (Industrial Relations) on the Board of TATA STEEL. His services as Director Personnel had also been requisitioned of Bharat Cooking Coal Ltd and Western Coalifields Ltd for a few years. He has spearheaded the evolution and growth of Personnel Management/Human Resource Management in the country and set many international benchmarks. Throughout his life, Dr. Pandey combined professional excellence with deep academic involvement and emerged as a true Institution builder. Dr. Pandey has been the President of Indian Institute of Personnel Management and National President and Fellow of National Institute of Personnel Management. He was also the President of Asia Pacific Federation of Personal Management. In 1989, he was honoured as the most distinguished Professional by the President, World Confederation of Personal Management Associate. Even after his superannuation, he has been closely involved with the TATA Group of Companies. He is the Chairman of DCM Ltd. Akhil Pandey: With a career in Information Technology spanning more than 45 years, Akhil Pandey has been an architect of IT reforms and implementation for several leading Indian corporates such as Tata Steel, Essar Group, Tata Consultancy Services and TCG Software etc. He has spearheaded the IT reforms at NDPL since July 2002. Akhil Pandey's contributions to the field of IT have been recognized at various national and international forms. NDPL won the Intelligent Enterprise Award for effective implementation of IT applications at the Technology Senate held in Colombo in 2004 and in Bangkok in 2005. He was also conferred the country's Gold CIO award for the year 2005. Currently, as Principle Executive Officer of the company, he has been passionately driving Ethics, Combat Climate Change and Innovation movement. Born on 9.1.1945, he is an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur and completed his Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology. Parth Sarathi: Born on 15th August 1950, Parth Sarathi superannuated from Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. In August 2010, after over 31 years of glorious service in BHEL out of a total service span of over 39 years. As General Manager (HRDI), he was heading the HRD function of BHEL and was also the head of the Human Resource Development Institute. He also worked with H.E.C. Ltd., Ranchi for 7 years and for a brief period with Rohtas Industries Ltd., Dalmia Nagar. Before joining the HR function, Parth Sarathi had made his mark as an Industrial Engineer. He has been playing a key role in institutionalizing HRM/HRD and has a number of outstanding achievements to his credit a highly acclaimed trainer, he has been actively associated with a number of professional organizations and is a past National Secretary of Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, Dean Programme (ISABS) and President (Hon.) of Initiative and Interventions. He has authored 8 books and over 100 articles including 6 in the Pfeiffer Annuals. He also edits 'Annual Handbooks of Human Resource Initiatives' since 2003. He possesses diverse qualifications-B.Sc. Engineering (Metallurgical) from B.I.T. Sindri, PG Industrial Engg., PGDM (MBA) with specialization in HRM. He holds a number of Professional accreditations. Currently, he is an Adviser at CENPEID, North Delhi Power Company Ltd. Parth Sarathi is also patrons 'Shrica Excellence Ensemble.