ISBN 9788121211611,Restructuring India's Military: Out of The Box Option

Restructuring India's Military: Out of The Box Option


A.P. Revi



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121211611

ISBN-10 8121211611

Hard Back

Number of Pages 306 Pages
Language (English)


Former defence minister Shri. George Fernandes, had declared, in 1999, that within three months, he would integrate and restructure the Defence Ministry (MOD) and the Service Head Quarters. Thirteen years down the line-India still does not have A Clear road map. , , The Book discusses in depth, several global models of higher defence Management systems and the trauma they went through in the process of restructuring. The most optimal and pragmatic solution foe India has been suggested. The long term model offered-envisages triple functional Architecture i.e. staff, operation and support. , , The appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff has to wait fulfilment of the indicated essential conditionality. In the interim, an out of box option is recommended-taking the present Cabinet Committee on Security has approved solution forward. , , A sequential building block concept is proposed-commencing with a focused effort on reforming the logistics framework to meet all the future battle contingencies.