ISBN 9780749449032,Retailization: Brand Survival in the Age of Retailer Power

Retailization: Brand Survival in the Age of Retailer Power


Kogan Page Ltd



Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780749449032

ISBN-10 0749449039

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Number of Pages 239 Pages
Language (English)

Retail sector

In this authoritative and comprehensive book on retail branding, international business experts Lars Thomassen, Keith Lincoln and Anthony Aconis reveal how the most successful brands survive in a world of increasingly powerful retailers and ever more knowledgeable shoppers.

Based on arguably the most extensive global analysis of the world of retail ever undertaken, and including a groundbreaking survey by AC Nielsen, Retailization presents an innovative and pragmatic seven-step pro-gramme to guarantee your survival by realizing the full retail potential of your brand

About The Author
Lars Thomassen started his career in advertising 30 years ago and he has been involved in communications ever since. In 1979 he co-founded Henriksen & Sieling (later BBDO Denmark). In 1998 Lars was appointed as the Vice President BBDO Europe and he became the Director of the Nordic, Central and Eastern regions of BBDO

Keith Lincoln has been working in communications for nearly 30 years. He is well known as the author of numerous ground breaking global trend studies. Keith is a former strategy manager for General Foods Europe, board director of WCRS advertising in the United Kingdom, Senior Vice President of BBDO New York, and Executive Vice President of Young and Rubicam Europe

Table of Contents
The rise of the retailer : the first squeeze is only going to get bigger and bigger
The age of the shopper ; the second squeeze takes its throne
The private dilemma: the third squeeze shows its strength
The new Communication world : the fourth squeeze rethinks its role
Retailization unsqueezing the squeeze
The blood pack : introducing the retailization process
Step 1 : the arena dealing with where we create our sale
Step 2 : Competitive context who are we stealing sales from
Step 3 : The shopper- who is driving our sale
Step 4 : Product concepting - what is creating our sale
Step 5 : Retail Impacting : dealing with how we creqate our sale
Step 6 Creating communication- how do we make communication work for our sale
Step 7 : Organisation enhancement empowering your organization to think sales
Let's retailers recharging and regaining brand power