ISBN 9788184006810,Rethinc: What’s Broke at Today’s Corporations and How to Fix It

Rethinc: What’s Broke at Today’s Corporations and How to Fix It


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788184006810

ISBN-10 8184006810


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)

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Corporations are crucial to
society’s well-being. Yet, not
many have chosen to adapt
themselves to the expectations
of employees and the society at
large. Prof. Ram Mohan identifies
the three main problems that
ail companies and illustrates
the ways in which these can be
Most companies are still run from the top and make very little
attempt to involve employees
at the lower levels in decisionmaking.
Executive compensation
has spiralled steeply in recent
years because the process
of determining it is seriously
flawed. Boards of directors are
ineffective and have abetted the
cult of the charismatic CEO who
is expected to work wonders.
Rethinc contends that the
solution lies in the near-total
dismantling of hierarchy or
the creation of a ‘bossless’
organization. In such an
organization, the structure is
flat, employees operate through
self-driven teams, there is peer
review, power rests on one’s
contribution and not one’s title
and the organizational purpose
goes beyond the making of
profit, and several other features.
Once all this is done we will have
an achieving organization that is
also a humane organization—in
which the employees are raring
to get to work every day.

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