ISBN 9788120333147,Review Of Marketing Research: Volume 2

Review Of Marketing Research: Volume 2



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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120333147

ISBN-10 8120333144


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)

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This book, now in its second volume, covers the important areas of marketing research with a more comprehensive state-of-the-art orientation. The chapters in this publication review the literature in a particular area, offer a critical commentary, develop an innovative framework and discuss future developments in addition to containing specific empirical studies. By doing this, this publication bridges the gap left by current marketing research publications such as the Journal of Marketing Research (USA), Journal of Marketing Research Society (UK) and International Journal of Research in Marketing (Europe). Journals like the above mentioned ones publish academic articles with major constraint on the length. In contrast, Review of Marketing Research publishes much longer articles that are not only theoretically rigorous but more expository. The articles focus on implementing new marketing research concepts and procedures. In a nutshell, the articles in this book address the following issues: (i) Critically review the existing literature (ii) Summarize what we know about the subject--key findings (iii) Present the main theories and frameworks (iv) Review and give an exposition of key methodologies (v) Identify the gaps in literature (vi) Present empirical studies (for empirical papers only) (vii) Discuss emerging trends and issues (viii) Focus on international developments (ix) Suggest directions for future theory development and testing (x) Recommends guidelines for implementing new procedures and concepts. All the articles in this particular volume are connected with consumer action. A rich and useful collection for serious students of marketing and researchers in the field. Table of Contents Review of Marketing Research: Some Reflections 1. Consumer Action: Automaticity, Purposiveness, And Self-Regulation 2. Looking Through The Crystal Ball: Affective Forecasting And Misforecasting In Consumer Behavior 3. Consumer Use Of The Internet In Search For Automobiles: Literature Review, A Conceptual Framework, And An Empirical Investigation 4. Categorization: A Review And An Empirical Investigation Of The Evaluation Formation Process 5. Individual-Level Determinants Of Consumers' Adoption And Usage Of Technological Innovations: A Propositional Inventory 6. The Metrics Imperative: Making Marketing Matter 7. Multilevel, Hierarchical Linear Models And Marketing: This Is Not Your Adviser'S OLS Model About the Editor and Contributors Index