ISBN 9780393060324,Revolution - Mapping the Road to American Independence 1755-1783

Revolution - Mapping the Road to American Independence 1755-1783



W. W. Norton & Company

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780393060324

ISBN-10 0393060322

Hard Back

Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Travel maps & atlases

The spectacular legacy and importance of early American cartographers.
Taking into account the key events of the French and Indian War, this book shows the American Revolution's progress in 60 glorious contemporary maps and accompanying essays relating them to the events of the time. The authors tell the stories of the maps and cartographers whose talents have made these some of the most valuable artifacts in our nation's history.
When warfare between Britain and her colonists erupted in 1775, maps provided the pictorial news about military matters. A number of the best examples of those maps, including some from the personal collection of King George III, the Duke of Northumberland, and the Marquis de Lafayette, are beautifully reproduced here. Others from institutional and private collections are being published for the first time.
60 maps