ISBN 9788182910997,Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance

Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance


Eric Selbin


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Books For Change

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788182910997

ISBN-10 8182910994


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

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Why do revolutions happen? Decades of social science research have brought to us little closer to understanding where, when and among whom they occur. In this ground-breaking book, Eric Selbin argues that we need to look beyond the economic, political and social structural conditions to the thoughts and feelings of the people of revolutions. In particular he argues, we need to understand the stories people relay and rework of past injustices as they struggle in the past toward a better future. Ranging from the French Revolution to the Battle of Seattle, via Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and Nicaragua, Revolution, Rebellion, Resistance makes the case that it is myth, memory, and mimesis which create, maintain, and extend such stories. ?This work, subtly powerful in it?s surprising messages for scholars and activists, fully lives up to the promise of its title, from its first page to its eloquent conclusions?.