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Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9781861975744

ISBN-10 1861975740


Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)


The book on "Catfishes: Systematics, Biology and Culture". By Prof H A Khan deals with the telcosts belonging to the order Siluiriformes. They form an important group of fishes next to Cyprinids in their abundance and diversity. Catfishes are valued for food and game. They have become popular due to their hardy nature and adaptability to thrive both in fresh and brackish water. A vivid description of 162 species, belonging to 51 genera inhabiting inland waters of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Srilanka and Pakistan has been given of their systematics (identifying characters, colours and geographical distribution). Some important culturable species found in Thailand and America have also been described. It is the first comprehensive treatise on catfishes, describing the biology (nutrition and growth, reproduction and life history, diseases genetics etc.) and culture of several important species. The book has been adequately illustrated to facilitate the species identification and is supplemented by a comprehensive list of reference and index of scientific names of catfishes. An interesting part of book is the detailed description of various farming techniques of important culturable catfishes species as followed in advance countries like America, Europe as well as various Asian countries and Africa for the guidance of those entrepreneurs who want to start their own catfishes farming. The book is quite indispensable for catfish farmers, aquarists, students (both) graduate and post-graduate), teachers, Planners, Naturalists, and environmental scientists interested in the development of catfish farming in the country and elsewhere. The book contains about 300 printed pages and 74 illustrations of fishes. About Author : Prof. H A Khan former principal Scientist and Principal of the postgraduate Center of Central Institute of Fisheries Education (Deemed University, education from Lucknow University, Lucknow and Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (Govt. of India) Calcutta. He was sponsored by FAO/UNDP to receive advanced training in Fish Genetics at GOSNIORKH Leningrad (USSR). He also received ICAR TEAM AWARD for the best research Aquaculture for the biennium 1977-78. Prof. Khan has served in various capacities in the internationally known fisheries institute of the Country such as Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute Barrackpore, Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture Kausalyagang (Bhubaneswar) and Central Institute of Fisheries Education (Deemed University, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Govt. of India) Mumbai. Prof. Khan has got about 100 research papers, published in Indian as well as foreign journals and is the author of two booklets published by FAO/UNDP. He has 44 years' experience in both capture and culture fisheries research, teaching and training. A journal of Aquaculture Association is fellow and member of a number of societies. Still he is busy in teaching and research in different Institutions. Contents : Contents Preface Foreword Acknowledgements Systematic Account of Catfishes, their Biology and Farming 1. Catfishes 2. Family: Siluridae 3. Family Schilbeidae 4. Family: Pangasiidae 5. Family Ambly Cipitidae 6. Family: Aksidae 7. Family: Sisoridae 8. Family Clariidae 9. Family Heteropneustidae 10. Family: Chacidae 11. Family: Olyridae 12. Family: Ariidae 13. Family Plotosidae 14. Family: Ictaluridae References Index of Scientific Names