ISBN 9780070482937,Robotics And Control,Mittal

Robotics And Control,Mittal



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070482937

ISBN-10 0070482934


Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

This book has been designed specifically to compress an overview surrounding the gamut of robotics that equally involve the mechanics as well as the programming aspects. The study book's contents are laid down in ten elaborate chapters along with challenging exercises at the end of each chapter. Beginning with an introduction, Robotics And Control moves into the more complex worlds of Jacobian and Singularities and Velocity Transformations. The book doesn't try to compromise on examples in an attempt to help students. Therefore when the content deals with trajectory planning, the authors make use of both the Joint Space method and the Cartesian Space method to elucidate upon the concepts better and more holistically. In addition to this, the book also hosts a collection of five appendices, all of them primed to tackle the more tedious and complex mathematical derivatives. After dealing with the semantics of Inverse Kinematics, Manipulator Differential Motion and Statics, and the fifth chapter delves into Dynamic Modeling. Here again the book makes use of the Lagrange-Euler and Euler-Newton formulations. In addition to this, the challenging derivatives find their content allocated to the appendix so that students are ensured an uninterrupted flow while studying the coursework. The book then moves on to chapters comprehensively tackling the fundamentals behind the Control of Manipulators and Robotic Control. In fact, one of the appendices include a complete METLAB tutorial on using the package for Robotics. The remaining chapters deal with the subject matter of Robotic Sensors and Vision and also robotic applications in the industrial world and elsewhere. The book also includes 50 solved examples with additional appendices and attention to detail, Robotics And Control does credit the learner with an intimate view into the fascinating world of robotics. It also includes multiple exercises at the end of each chapter. Though the focus is primarily on the student community, engineers can still find use for this text as a good reference material while developing robotic systems. About The Authors I J Nagrath is a retired Professor and Deputy Director at BITS, Pilani where he taught electrical engineering. He has written other books like Electric Machines, Power System Engineering, and Electronics: Analog And Digital. Nagrath received his B.E. Hons from BITS Pilani in 1951 and M.E. from Wisconsin University in 1956. He has published several important technical papers in national and international journals. R K Mittal is an Educator, Author and has been the Director of BITS Pilani. He has co-authored two books, the first being Robotics And Control and the second, Elements of Manufacturing Processes. He completed his B.E. and M.E. in Mechanical Engineering from BITS where he also pursued his Ph.D. in Software engineering in 1992. He worked as a professor from 1975 in the department of Mechanical Engineering at BITS. He has taught several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the domain of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and has 35 years of experience. Robust robotic designs, microelectromechanical systems, nanotechnology, software testing, and microrobots and nanorobots are his research areas.