ISBN 9788178358628,Role of Media In Kashmir Crises

Role of Media In Kashmir Crises


Deepa Viswam



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788178358628

ISBN-10 817835862X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 371 Pages
Language (English)

Press & journalism

The book examines exactly how far print media through its report coverage helps in resolving the Kashmir conflict. The composite dialogue initiated during the tenure of Vajpayee government has gained momentum in the Manmohan government. The issues discussed are: 1. Kashmir Issue 2. Sir Creek Mission 3. The Siachen Glacier. 4.Wullar Barrage. 5. Economic co-operation and friendly ties 6. Drug trafficking 7. Terrorism. The reports in both The New Indian Express and The Hindu are coded to find the rejuvenation of hope and formula especially during the tenure of Manmohan Singh government. The general news report, features, editorial, letter to editor, the photograph, the cartoon, the interview reflect on the issues are categorically coded to estimate the nature of peace process and the reconciliatory attitude of the print media in resolving the conflict. The qualitative and quantitative analysis is carried to make it more relevant as national issue instead of marginalizing as regional issue. How historical blunders like plebiscite and redrawing of boundaries are thwarted by the much fabricated design of the aggressors? The vehement protest by the media to protect the territorial sovereignty of India is laudable. The political initiative is much called in for ironing out the differences suggested by the media has received fillip in other nations. The violation of Indus treaty and the construction of dams for irrigation and consumption purposes has been discussed at length by media. The authentication of the actual ground position on the Siachen glacier 9842 NJ and the withdrawal of forces is highlighted by the media. The appointment of neutral expert in the construction of dams and where each government fails falls in the ambit of discussion. The gas pipeline project India-Iran-Pakistan for economic co-operation with the intervention US and the suzerainty expressed by US to derail the process is convincingly reiterated by media. The infiltration of terrorist and the extremist is widely reported with full blown photograph thus in magnifying the conflict. Every effort has been taken to make this book useful for students of conflict resolution scholars and general readers.