ISBN 9788176211987,Rumi's Love Affair

Rumi's Love Affair



Hind Pocket Book

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788176211987

ISBN-10 8176211982


Number of Pages 255 Pages
Language (English)


Americans have ceased to be Europeans; the United States has become a civilization apart, deeply religious and without any parallel in history. Carried away by its democratizing mission in the world, America is today more unfathomable and incomprehensible than ever before. This is a land which a vigilant people and media keep a close watch over political power, relentless competition drives the economy, ethnic minorities and millions of immigrant are part of a deliberate policy of integration and churches exude fervor. Moral leagues, movements of rebellion, violence and its repression are governed by a different set of principles; the cult of the body beautiful, sports and sexuality no longer adhere to European codes. This American civilization is so very American that it has ceased to be an exportable model. In fact, so different is the United States that it leaves the world perplexed, fascinated or downright hostile. The transatlantic misunderstanding between Europe and the US is not likely to decrease in the near future whatever be the compulsions of internal politics and international conflicts.