ISBN 9780091951528,Running with the Firm

Running with the Firm


James Bannon


Ebury Publishing



Ebury Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780091951528

ISBN-10 0091951526


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Of course I'm a f**king hooligan, you pr**k. I am a hooligan there I've said it I'm a hooligan. And do you know why? Because that's my f**king job. In 1995, a film called I. D. About an ambitious young copper who was sent undercover to track down the generals of a football hooligan gang, achieved cult status for its sheer brutality and unsettling insight into the dark and often bloody side of the so-called beautiful game. The film was so shocking it was hard to believe the mindless events that took place could ever happen in the real world. Well, believe it now. Almost twenty years on, the man behind the film has explosively revealed that the script was largely a true story. That man, James Bannon, was the ambitious undercover cop. The football club was Millwall F. C. And the gang that he infiltrated was the Bushwackers, among the most brutal and fearless in English football. In running with the firm, bannon shares his intense and dangerous journey into the underworld of football hooliganism where sickening levels of violence prevail over anything else. He introduces you to the hardest thugs from footballs most notorious gangs, tells all about the secret and almost comical police operations that were meant to bring them down and how once youre on the inside, getting out from the mob proves to be the biggest mission of all. A disturbing but compelling read, this is the book that proves fact really is stranger than fiction.

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