ISBN 9783822828069,Sacred Journey

Sacred Journey


David Howard


Taschen Gmbh



Taschen Gmbh

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9783822828069

ISBN-10 3822828068


Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)
This book is about a journey: an actual, physical journey and also a deeply personal, spiritual one The author traveled from his home in San Francisco through India and Nepal to the Himalayas, on a voyage of discovery in which his life became enmeshed in the culture and ritual of not just the holy men, mystics, and monks he met along the way, but also the farm and village people who, though they had little in the way of material possessions, shared something far more precious with him: their trust.
With the aid of sensitive photography, in images that sometimes shock, but always enlighten, we are invited to share in this sacred journey. These are the experiences of an individual, at the heart of which is a message that yet speaks to us all-a message that affirms the fundamental truths of our human condition: life, and death, and most of all, perhaps, love.

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